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I'm waiting for you.

It is a lonely, restless road we travel

In search of angels and splendor

And the ardor of two hearts.

Stardust will shepherd us through the labyrinth

To the one tender love we yearn for.

Listen to the murmurs in the night.

I will surrender to you.

Your will surrender to me.

I'm waiting for you.


Wake me gently in the night

With your tender whispers.

This is our glorious harmony

Of magic and seduction and caresses,

The tremolo of our ardent interlude.

The way we were is the way we are

And the way we will always be.

I close my eyes and dream these dreams,

As we lie together in the dark,

That this moment will endure forever.




We share a glance and my heart pulses

To a rhythm that is the music of eternal moments.

My breath quickens at the stroke of your fingertips

And as I nibble a sweet, I ponder our nights and our days,

Your whispers are the melodies of my soul

And your heat fires the fervor of my spirit.

I linger over the rose's scent as I linger in your embrace.

We are forever entwined and forever coupled.

Imperfect as we are, together we are perfection.

Hand in hand, we dance between the raindrops.


Let the other dancers whirl around us

As we waltz from the shadows to the light.

Let us turn and turn again

Until our heads spin

Tremulous with the rapture of our heartbeats,

The cadence of our own duet.

Twirl me round and round

More feverishly with each measure

Until our love becomes the hymn that drifts on the wind

Forevermore, forevermore.

Gloria Pereyra


© 2019 Gloria Pereyra Photography

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