"I pick up my camera much as another artist picks up her brushes.  My photographs are my paintings.  The

images are those that I see when my eyes are closed."

Gloria Pereyra

Gloria Pereyra grew up in San Francisco and presently lives in the Rocky Mountains.  She earned her BFA in Colorado from the University of Denver.  Her work has been honored by The Pollux Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris, International Photography Awards- The Lucie Awards, International Fine Art Photography Competition: Grand Prix de la Decouverte, Photography Masters Cup, Best of Photography and the Black and White Spider Awards (2012 through 2020).  Her photographs have been published in Shadow and Light Magazine and have been shown frequently at the Eleanor Bliss Center for the Arts.  Most recently her photography was shown in a juried competition at A Smith Gallery and won a division of the 2019 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards.   Her prints are held in several private collections.


Gloria Pereyra's intaglio polymer photogravure prints are featured in Oehme Graphic's Stairway to Heaven Portfolio and her work is presently available through                                                                        




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