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Dancing with the Wind

The hay fields gracefully swing and sway with their dance partner, the wind, in an elegant choreography created by some unknown genius.  The movement is rhythmic and hypnotic.


My love affair with the dance sequences of wind and grass was probably instinctual but my first conscious awakening to it was watching the film, "Witness".  John Seale photographed the endless waltz of wind and grass and showed it to be as seductive as the impossible romance between the main characters.

The magic of the wind/grass ballet continues to be spellbinding for me.  Although I regularly enjoy human dance concerts, no two dance partners captivate my imagination so much as wind and grass.  I am joyfully forced to stop and stare whenever these two are performing.  The patterns, poses, arabesques, pirouettes and lifts are breathtaking.  Clothed in the morning dew, the grass captivates with a dance in sequined and glittered costumes.

My home sits on one or two acres that are fenced off from the remaining acreage which is grazed by Red Angus cow/calf

pairs that grow fat on the grass.  Many of these photographs were made just outside my doorstep.  Others were made throughout the valley.  The grass is abundant  and the wind is a gentle and steadfast dance partner.


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