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(silk organza over gold leaf)


Her thesis and conclusion have been universally praised.  Not since Einstein's equally elegant theories of time has so much extravagant research been funded.  Her groundbreaking considerations into the creation of time will be expanded and open unimaginable possibilities.

As was her habit, she went to her studio early one morning in July of last year in her pursuit of further cutting edge innovations unraveling the mysteries of time.  Her devoted companion checked on her at noon  and reported that the revolutionary researcher was abnormally excited and working frenetically on her latest experiment.  She has not been seen since.  Although there is no evidence of foul play, a criminal case is still open.  There are those that assume the legendary genius is lost...

                                             somewhere in time.

She will be remembered not only for her inspired research but for her often repeated words:  "Pursue every fantasy.  Seek out the extraordinary.  Follow the magic!"

Gloria Pereyra


The Strange Tale of a Bird in a Looking Glass photographs are produced on silk organza over gold leaf.  They are stunning and seem to move, with the birds in flight, as the viewer moves in front of the artwork.

This series has been honored by the 20th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards.  It has also been awarded Silver by the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2023.  


The Strange Tale of A Bird in a Looking Glass

The Explorer

She possessed a unique curiosity and an acute awareness of time.  Her deliberations considered the extension of time and, more precisely, the actual creation of time.  She knew about common sense but it seemed that sense was not that common.  

The Thesis

Much as a bird in a looking glass creates a twin, a duplicate, moments in time can be similarly duplicated.  Thus, these moments are doubled and time has been created.

The Conclusion

Her experiments were overwhelmingly successful in proving this elegant thesis.  The repeated use of the bird in a looking glass model proved, unquestionably, that a moment in time can be duplicated thus doubling that moment and creating time.

The Experiments are shown in the slideshow above.

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